Tabla Indian Music Instrument Painting on Marble Tile

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Product Specification

Type Indoor
Material Marble Tile
Design Tabla Indian Music Instrument Painting
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

Product Description

Culture rich India has several forms of stone artwork from different regions. Brilliantly Tabla Indian Music Instrument Painting on Marble Tile from Rajasthan is one of best examples of such stone artwork and can best be described as ‘poetry in stone.’ The marble paintings of Rajasthan make memorable and unique gifts for your loved ones. Each one is an exemplary display of the skill of local artisans.

A Few Distinct Techniques and Styles used in Marble Painting are:

  • ‘Minakari’ work: Minakari is a method by which a design is engraved on marble and then painted with vibrant colors like red, green, black, yellow and blue.
  • Devotional paintings: Legendary characters from Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata are painted on marble and bright colors are used to bring back the glory of the past.
  • Jewellery paintings: This art has its origins in Rajasthan and consists of a design being drawn on marble and skillfully made gold leaf being pasted on the jewelry design. Enamel colors as well as glass pieces are used to decorate the design and add to its intricate beauty.
  • Miniature paintings: The use of delicate brush strokes can transform an ordinary marble tile into a showpiece worthy of being called a collector’s item. A common depiction is that of Indian musical instruments. These are painted with colors drawn from substances as varied as minerals, vegetables, conch shells and even gold and silver.

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Tabla Indian Music Instrument Painting on Marble Tile


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