Reusable Hemp Bag

$0.70/Piece Minimum Quantity - 100 Piece

Size As per requirement
Color Any color
Printing As per required
Fabric Hemp
Size As per requirement
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Product Specification

Size/Dimension As per requirement
Handle Material hemp
Color Any color
Printing As per required
Fabric Hemp
Wash Care Handwash
Minimum Order Quantity 1000 Piece

Product Description

Reusable hemp bag manufacturer


We are one of the leading Manufacturer, producer, supplier and Exporter india of Organic Cotton Certified Hemp bags, Fair Trade Certified Hemp bags, GOTS Certified Hemp bags, Oeko – Tex Certified hemp bags.


We produce gots organic cotton hemp bags from our factory. Reusable cotton hemp bags are in high demand internationally. Natural cotton hemp bags exported from india most liked by European country customers like Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Norway, italy and Switzerland. Recycle cotton bags manufactured by our Indian factory is highly in demand in USA United States of America.


Organic cotton printed hemp bags in different colors and designs produced and supplied as per buyer requirements in Poland and austria KOLKATA. Eco friendly cotton hemp bags, Ecological cotton hemp bags manufactured in various sizes and designs required by buyers, wholesalers, importers in Europe and UK United Kingdom customers.


Biodegradable cotton hemp bags exported to Czech , Slovenia, finland , Australia and New Zealand importers, buyers, wholesalers have very high in demand naturally as going green will save environment and people and nature.


Eco cloth hemp bags naturally produced and exported / supplied from our north india recycle organic cotton hemp bags in various shapes and sizes MUMBAI natural recycle cotton hemp bags is very high demand to save our planet green world.


Personalized eco organic cotton customized organic Eco cotton hemp bags produced and manufactured, exported in printed organic dyes. Fair Trade organic cotton hemp bags in pure cotton hemp bags and wholesale organic cotton bags manufactured in India NEW DELHI. Manufacturer of organic Eco cotton hemp bags india are in high demand from various brands and people JAIPUR.

Bio cotton hemp bags exported to Belgium and imported by buyers in different designs and prints. Oeko-tex organic cotton certified cotton hemp bags is imported by germany and france.

BCI cotton hemp bags is our better cotton initiative from our Indian factory.


We are proud to be GOTS Organic Certified manufacturer, Fair Trade Certified Manufacturer, Oeko – Tex Certified Manufacturer from south india NORTH INDIA. GRS Global Recycle Cotton hemp bag manufacturer india in our factory and exported mainly to Europe, USA and Australia.


GRS Recycle cotton hemp bag manufactured and exported globally to all countries from our india factory.


Our GOTS organic certified manufacturing unit located in karur and Erode for Hemp bags production BANGALORE. We produce Fair Trade Certified Hemp bags from our Karur factory and Oeko-Tex Certified Factory for hemp bags in Eco Cotton and Bio cotton hemp bags CHENNAI.


Additional Information

Delivery Time Standard delivery
Production Capacity 300000-pcs
Packaging Details Bulk packing

Product Image

Reusable Hemp Bag
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