About Us


What is Craftcrane?

CraftCrane is a B2B /Wholesale global marketplace for handicraft products which are sourced from best manufacturers who have invested generations of their time and energy to build today's version of the essential product which can be useful for a longer period of time. These timeless products have got a greater global demand unlike products manufactured in countries which have been heavily dependent on machineries for mass productions. CraftCrane is incubated by Indian Institute of Ecommerce with an investment capital of $1 Million.

How Craftcrane Works

CraftCrane has been working closely with over 1600 handicraft manufacturers who are poor but still continuing the spirit to create some of the greatest handmade creations that are resold at thousand percent profit margin by top brands. The core objective of craftcrane is to create a direct connection between the manufacturer which produces one of the best quality handicraft products and the wholesale buyer who can resell and build a great market for both.

Craftcrane's Business Mentorship Program

CraftCrane is also running an initiative with its online business mentorship program where we have got an online business mentorship program is to help entrepreneurs to start their own e-commerce business with various handicraft products listed in that and the post sales support can be directly be given by our team. The business mentorship program (Online Course) is suitable for entreprenuers who want to start an eCommerce business of Handicraft Products. Handicraft has a $61 Billion eCommerce market globally and growing at 48% per annum. With the help of our tools and mentorship, students learn to how to do digital marketing in social media channels and sell in 100's of eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba etc and generate a revenue $10000 per month or more